Coumba Castel – Senegal 2016

Medoune Yacine Gueye – Griot Percussionist

FaraLambeDC’s 7th cultural exchange tour to Senegal West Africa feature its 1st “Coumba Castel” Festival Tour in honor of Goree Island.

The festival Coumba Castel which will take place July 15th – July 29th 2016, brings together participants from the US, the UK and Senegal West Africa to celebrate Goree Island’s historical significance to the ancestral lineage of cultural arts within the African diaspora.

Participants of Coumba Castel Festival tour,  will have the unique opportunity to witness the parallels in cultural artforms within the diaspora of African decedents, alongside of those born on the continent.
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Fi Wi Sinting 2014! Jamaica!

Fi Wi Sinting is where Jamaicans from all walks of life meet , greet and mingle with visitors/tourists in a family setting while indulging in Fi Wi Sinting the Jamaican phrase meaning” It is ours”. Dine on traditional food such as dukonoo brought from Ghana, sweet potato puddings, fried fish and bammy or vegetarian from raw to ital.
The spoken word is expressed through our stories of that cunning spider
Ananse also from West Africa as told by story teller extraordinaire Amina
Blackwood Meeks along with resident poets Royal African Soldiers and their
friends and in an open mike segment where participants are free to express
themselves. Each year there is a main attraction and we close by paying
homage to our dear beloved ancestors.

Come and get inspired by culture …

About the Festival
24th Annual Fi Wi Sinting Festival
WHEN: SUN | FEB16 | 2014
WHERE: Somerset Falls, Hope Bay, Portland, Jamaica
TIME: 10AM-8:30PM
ADMISSION: J$800, Children J$300 and Students with ID $500.

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Dame Gueye

The leader and facilitator of this educational experience is Mr. Medoune Yacine Gueye (also known as Baba Dame Gueye). Mr. Gueye is a traditional Griot from Senegal West Africa. He has had extensive training through initiation in the culture and traditional rhythms, songs and dances of the Mandingo, Jolla, Bambara, Se’ere and Wolof ethnic groups in the Sene-Gambian region of West Africa. He is proficient in the poly-rhythmic musical forms of the Djembe, Sabar, Sawrouba Kutiro drums and balaphon. Continue reading

Senegal Trip 2012

Senegal Trip: An educational excursion to Sengal, West Africa, providing exposure to traditional drumming culture and performing arts education

The Mission of the Senegal Trip is to provide all participants with a quality arts education experience that links it’s participants to the traditional study of West African Griot drumming and dancing traditions.  The trip will focus on creating an intensive yet dynamic experience for all participants, which will focus on educating each individual on Sene-gambian traditional cultural performance based art forms, while facilitating cultural exchange and fostering a better understanding and appreciation of the local and traditional cultures.

Pictures from Senegal