Medoune Gueye

Medoune Yacine Gueye- “DameGueye”- has served as the Director of Music for the renowned KANKOURAN West African Dance Company for over 15 years and has successfully trained hundreds of professional drummers and young musicians within the DC area, throughout the United States and abroad for more than 30 years.
Born in Dakar Senegal, West Africa, he is the son of a great “Griot”-Abdou Karim Gueye. As a Senegalese “Griot”, Mr. Gueye is well known for his proficiency and unique technique in several indigenous drum styles and rhythms, including the Djembe, Sawrouba, Sabar and Kutiro drums. In an effort to maintain historical accuracy and technical proficiency, he has developed a new standard through his creation of a unique 12- note system, adaptable to the novice as well as an expert. Additionally to his credit, in 1998 he premiered his first CD, of a series, entitled, “Djinfoly”.
In 1999 and 2006 he performed and recorded with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra” of Arizona. Mr. Gueye is presently developing arts education curriculum that utilizes this traditional cultural art form through its encompassing musical, cultural, oral (storytelling), technological, and artistic applications.  He has performed active cultural literacy workshops at Bank Street College in New York, as well as, workshops in the “Cultural Implications of Traditional West African Music” at PennState McKeesport in Pennsylvania and language immersion workshops for children in the Wash DC area. He has been an Artist- in- Residence at Children’s Studio School for the past eight years and works with children and musicians of all levels and ages. He is highly sought after throughout the US, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and Hawaii by several choirs, traditional African culture presenters, African dance companies, theatrical productions, local contemporary musicians and university dance departments for cultural consultation, performances, lecture demonstrations, drum and dance conferences, healing ceremonies, cultural festivals, weddings and professional drum instruction. He is a reoccurring featured artist at the Kennedy Center’s, “Kwanzaa Celebration”, with the Dance Institute of Washington in Washington DC and is presently a member of African Artiste Based Abroad (AABA). He is dedicated to the perpetuation of his craft through the formation of his own organization- Fara Lambe House of Drums (FLHOD), Inc. and conducted its first annual education & cultural tour to Senegal, “NDAK DAWOUR”, in June 2005.

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